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Clarissa Wilson LLC

45 Minute Business Finances Ask Me Anything Session

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Get my eyes and brain on your business finances for 45 minutes. You can ask me questions about your business finances, accounting and bookkeeping for 60 minutes. 

I can't guarantee I am going to have all of the answers you ask during our time together because I do not know your business until you tell me more about you and your business. But I will do the research to answer your questions and get your answers to you as soon as possible after our session. 

I am accountant in the USA, therefore all of my guidance is based around USA laws and regulations. I am based in Pennsylvania, so state laws I give guidance around are based in Pennsylvania. 

My guidance is just guidance. All information provided is for general education purposes only and may not reflect recent changes in federal or state laws. It is not intended to be relied upon as legal, accounting, or tax advice. We strongly encourage you to always consult with a tax or accounting professional about your specific situation before taking any action. Please read our full disclaimer regarding this topic.

Note: All of my appointment times are for evenings and weekends Eastern Time. I do not have availability during the weekdays. 

Upon purchase, you will automatically receive a PDF download with instructions to book your session through my calendar.